Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Marriage tend to change a person. Their priority is different now as they have their own family to care for. Before my sis got married, we always talk to each other about our life. We can talk about simple stuff no matter how silly it is.
Now, I rarely talk to her anymore. I do make an effort to whatsapps her whenever I got the time but I either gets no reply or just a simple type of reply. She get pissed off easily. Yeah, maybe I say silly stuffs but isn't that how sisters should be? Eventually, I just give up! It really breaks my heart to even think about it. Don't she remember how I stand by her when she fight with her husband? I think that's how human are. They will only remember you when they are upset and when they don't need you anymore, they will just kick you to one side.I envy those that have sisters that care for them. I really do.
Personally, I'm scare of marriage. I'm not saying that all marriage are bad. Just what I see with my own eyes traumatize me.
Who can I turn to when I'm lonely? Only GOD will never leave me and love me unconditionally.

  You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light  -Psalm 18:28

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